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PP melt blown filter cartridge production line of the main components and performance Nov 04, 2017

PP melt blown filter cartridge production line in the production process of the motor is the use of international brands, in the course of their work is highly efficient energy-saving, air heating tank, this component is the local power consumption, so we do not use the traditional Conductive resistance heating rods.

PP melt blown filter cartridge production line extruder equipped with well-known brands of motor, instead of using its traditional aluminum heating kits to save energy, we only use an extruder, but we have a spinning box, to ensure uniform discharge . Some manufacturers are two extruders, direct nozzle, the material is not uniform.

PP melt blown filter cartridge production line using a spinning box, three metering pumps, three 350mm long nozzle, in the production process is mainly made of real material made of stainless steel, high quality, by no means not shoddy, high precision , Not by hand drilling!

PP melt blown filter cartridge production line quick change head, used to filter out impurities from the extruder PP material, manual hydraulic screen changer. Equipment used a receiving car, when used with a manual cutter, two control cabinet are using its advanced domestic brands,

PP melt blown filter cartridge production line is mainly used for prefiltration, widely used in the electronics industry, sewage treatment, beverages, food, water treatment and other fields, can also be used as a household water purifier, the device needs to be screwed in the process of installation Open the thread platen / pendant and open the lid. Correctly install 5 or 8 or 9 filter elements in the filter, press and secure with the gland.

PP melt blown filter cartridge production line will need to pressure gauge and exhaust valve installed in the roof. Cover the top cover, tighten the pressure plate, without excessive force. Make sure the filter is placed on a level surface in line with the pump. Please align the outlet of the pump with the inlet of the filter. Before bonding the pipe, install the two supplied connectors on the inlet and outlet threads of the filter.


Add: Xinming Industrial Area ,Xibei Town,Xishan District,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China

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