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Activated carbon filter cartridge equipment profile Jan 06, 2018

Activated carbon filter cartridge equipment in the use of its advanced automatic control system, its temperature control system, excellent performance, so you can ensure a stable output, easy maintenance and repair, water-cooled design, making the carbon filter to speed up the cooling, thereby enhancing Yield.

Activated carbon filter cartridge equipment is mainly composed of activated carbon by adding a binder heating extrusion molding, activated carbon filter has a good adsorption, can effectively remove residual chlorine in water, odor, color and organic matter. Material: Carbon coal, shell carbon, coconut shell carbon

Activated carbon filter equipment to remove the accuracy of 10 microns to remove more than 99% of 10 micron particles OD: 65mm, 68mm, 115mm, ID: 28mm, 30mm, grid: polypropylene, LENGHT: 250mm, 508mm can also be produced according to customer requirements .

Activated carbon filter cartridge equipment, the maximum operating temperature: 52 ℃, the maximum working pressure: 17 Bar, the maximum pressure difference: 7 Bar, 20 ℃, the production line can be 24 hours continuous different new work, rated power: 16.45kw / set, The power when the machine is switched on is 8kw / h.

Activated carbon filter equipment output If the cooling system directly cooling the carbon rod, the output is 300-400mm per minute, if the cooling system directly cooling the extruder die, the output is 150-200mm per minute, the size range: diameter range 9mm-100mm, outside Diameter range of 29mm-150mm, the workflow is as follows: Automatic mixer - automatic feeder - extruder & table - cutting machine - vacuum equipment.