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Automatic CTO Active Carbon Filter Cartridge Making Machine Role Dec 23, 2017

First of all, the use of automatic CTO active carbon filter cartridge making machine, we can produce different specifications of CTO activated carbon filter. CTO husk activated carbon filter is the quality of activated carbon and coal as raw materials, combined with food grade adhesive, use of high technology, using an automatic manufacturing machine and the activated carbon filter CTO special processing.


So, the use of automatic CTO active carbon filter cartridge making machine made of this filter products what kind of performance characteristics? Compared to other ordinary filter products, this CTO activated carbon filter also incorporates adsorption, filtration, interception, catalysis and other effects in one, with a very prominent application performance. In practice, people can use this filter to remove the water contains a variety of organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances.


Not only that, this filter products in the removal of these impurities in the process, but also can achieve the effect of bleaching and odor removal. This shows that the automatic CTO active carbon filter cartridge making machine produced this filter product is very high quality, and has become the liquid and air purification industry has attracted much attention in the new product. In fact, the use of the device can produce different specifications of the filter to meet different needs.


For now, CTO carbon filter maker automatically produced carbon filter can be applied to various industries, such as may be used for a semiconductor, electronic devices, printed circuit boards, plating industry process water sector, and food and beverage industries Purification of the solution.


Under normal circumstances, the main set of automatic equipment for producing activated carbon filter CTO turbine assembly included: automatic mixer 1, automatic feeding machine 1, the control station cabinet 1, an extrusion machine, a cooling station and a station Automatic cutting machine 1 Taiwan. This automatic CTO active carbon filter cartridge making machine uses advanced automatic control system, not only stable performance, but also high output and low power consumption.