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Is the volute sludge dewatering machine easy to use? Nov 16, 2017

At present, the volute sludge dewatering machine in the market is very popular with the users, even has replaced the traditional application of the various types of belt extractors and plate-and-frame extractors. And the volute sludge dewatering machine can be used in different dehydration treatment occasions, such as the dehydration of organic sludge, and oily sludge dehydration. This equipment shows a great advantage.


Because of this, the application of the volute sludge dewatering machine  is more and more extensive, not only can be used for the municipal sewage treatment work, but also can be used in the water treatment system of the petrochemical, paper making, light industry, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial fields.


Analyzing from the actual application situation, in fact, the installation of the volute sludge dewatering machine is very simple. And because of its low output power, it has better energy saving effect. Because the structure design is advanced and reasonable, there is no need to worry about the clogging. So it still can play a superior performance when treating the oily sludge in the food factory.


According to its structure, the inner part of the volute sludge dewatering machine is equipped with two parts: the concentration part and the dewatering part, so it can be used to treat the low concentration sludge which is difficult to be treated by the traditional dewatering machine in addition to the concentrated sludge.


For users, the volute sludge dewatering machine not only has superior performance, but also has a high level of automation, so a few simple operations can keep it running automatically and efficiently.


In short, the volute sludge dewatering machine is not only very easy to use, but also because it has better energy-saving effect, it can also maintain continuous automatic operation, less cleaning water, which can prevent secondary pollution, and the maintenance is simple.