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Three - Phase Separation Horizontal Spiral Sedimentation Centrifuge Machine May 26, 2017

Three - phase separation horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is mainly used for solid liquid separation, which is a kind of solid phase (the largest proportion) and two kinds of different density liquid phase synchronous separation. Its working principle is: the material under the centrifugal force, the formation of three relatively stable level, starting from the drum wall inward are solid layer, heavy liquid layer, light liquid layer. The solid layer on the screw conveyor drum to push the small end mobile, and discharged from the discharging port. The heavy liquid layer and the light liquid layer along the spiral blade between the pore flow to the drum, and then discharged from different outlets,  three - phase separation horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge, in Humboldt company. On the basis of their years of operation, through adequate market research and practice, mature product development.

Three - phase separation horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge working principle diagram


Application range of three - phase separation horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge

Can be applied to palm oil, tank cleaning, oil sludge, oil sludge cleaning station, olive oil, orange oil, floating sludge, sludge and other food three-phase separation field.

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